2011 Integrated Electric Resource Plan
EWEB's Carmen Smith Hydroelectric project

The 2011 IERP, like each of EWEB's three previous IERPs, is a "20 year plan." And like the prior plans, it will be used to guide resource decisions primarily for five years.

What was addressed in 2011 plan

The new plan sought to minimize risks in acquiring new electricity and delivering power by using a framework that takes into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of the different resource choices.

Challenges addressed:

  • Impacts of potential climate change legislation
  • Fuel price instability
  • Economic recession that softens power prices
  • Ability to finance new generation projects
  • Integrating the growing volume of variable wind energy into the regional electric grid
Community advisory panel

EWEB selected a 13-member community advisory panel to provide staff and the Board of Commissioners with their perspective on important future trends and community values that affect resource planning decisions. Panel members were selected to represent a broad cross-section of customer groups, agency partners and stakeholder interests.

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