Eugene's drinking water supply in 2015
Entrance to Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant

Like much of the Western United States, Oregon is experiencing a record low snowpack this year, which means lower river levels for 200,000 people who rely on the McKenzie River for their drinking water. EWEB is monitoring the current situation closely. While water conservation is always a good idea, EWEB is urging its customers to be especially mindful of water use this summer.

If certain weather conditions emerge, EWEB may be asking customers to take voluntary actions to reduce their water use to keep as much water in the river for fish and for other downstream users.

EWEB has plans in place to help customers take additional measures to conserve water. The utility has developed a color-coded system for letting customers know the severity of the low-water situation.

Current low-water situation: GREEN (take steps to reduce water use).

Learn more about the color-coded system.

What might trigger a request to reduce water use?

How much of the McKenzie River flow does Eugene use?

What can I do to help?

Be mindful about water use this summer, especially with outdoor watering. The Green Grass Gauge is one tool that makes it easy to manage outdoor water use to reduce over-watering and keep more water in our rivers. Sign up here for weekly GGG alerts and other water conservation tips. Learn more about the Green Grass Gauge program.

Leaks also can unintentionally increase water use. Check your home piping, sprinkler hoses or underground landscape sprinkler system for leaks. Promptly fix any leaks that are found.

Read more information about other water conservation tips.

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