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Hydrant flow test request

EWEB will provide the gallons per minute flow of any City of Eugene hydrant in the system.

  • Water control not required = $100 per location
  • Water control required = $210 per location

Flow data is valid for three years from the date of a test. Any person or business requesting a flow test for the same hydrant within the three year period will be given the existing data and billed $100.

Please note that payment is due prior to receiving flow data and charges are assessed per fire hydrant location. See EWEB's Policies and Procedures:

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Next Steps
  • After receipt of your request, EWEB will determine if the flow data can be provided via hydraulic model (water control not required) or a field test (water control required). EWEB will notify you of the estimated cost prior to moving forward with the request.
  • Please allow 10 business days for requests to be processed.

Contact EWEB Water Operations at (541) 685-7595 with any other questions.