Purchasing Staff may be reached on their direct line, listed below. Or you may call us at (541) 685-7500. Our fax number is (541) 685-7501.

Carla Aguilar
Purchasing Administrative Assistant

Phone: (541) 685-7487
Email: Carla Aguilar
Quentin Furrow
Purchasing Coordinator

Phone: (541) 685-7380
Email: Quentin Furrow
Ramie Alkire
Purchasing Analyst

Phone: (541) 685-7413
Email: Ramie Alkire
Tracy Davis
Purchasing Analyst

Phone: (541) 685-7468
Email: Tracy Davis
Mike Roseberry
Materials Planner/Inventory Control Specialist
Phone: (541) 685-7347
Email: Mike Roseberry
Collin Logan
Purchasing Analyst

Phone: (541) 685-7426
Email: Collin Logan
Sarah Gorsegner
Purchasing and Contracts Manager

Phone: (541) 685-7348
Email: Sarah Gorsegner
Sandra Hahn
Purchasing Analyst

Phone: (541) 685-7163
Email: Sandra Hahn