EWEB procurement

The Eugene Water & Electric Board has many contracting opportunities as it operates Oregon's largest municipal utility that provides electricity, water and telecommunications to its customers. Contracting opportunities include construction, personal services, trade services and the purchase of goods and equipment. This site was developed to provide potential suppliers, contractors and consultants access to the utility's formal solicitation documents and related information.

As a public entity chartered by the City of Eugene, EWEB is governed by Oregon Public Purchasing and Contracting laws and EWEB Board-adopted rules. Potential bidders/proposers should thoroughly read the solicitation documents, familiarize themselves with the requirements of the solicitation process, and make all necessary inquiries to assure that their efforts will result in legally compliant and materially responsive submittals that are able to receive consideration.

Thank you for your interest in working with the Eugene Water & Electric Board to provide the most advantageous and economical goods, services and work in order for the utility to provide vital services to its customers.