When to pay your bill

Your bill is due by the due date, which is located in the upper right hand corner of your bill. Failure to pay by the due date may result in late fees or interruption of service.

Mock EWEB bill

If "Due Upon Receipt" appears in the Payment Due box, there is an existing past due balance. In this case, the bill is due immediately.

Payment arrangements and assistance

If you feel you are unable to pay your bill in full by the due date, contact EWEB Customer Service at 541-685-7000 prior to the due date to discuss a possible payment arrangement. If EWEB Customer Service approves an arrangement to help you pay your bill in full, it is essential that you keep to the schedule to avoid interruption of service.

Limited-income customers may also qualify for EWEB's Customer Care program, which provides customers-in-need with up to $200 in bill assistance per year.