Brochures and bill inserts

Nearly every month, your Eugene Water & Electric Board bill includes useful information about a variety of energy- and water-related topics, from how to reduce your summertime water usage to information about appliance rebates.

Below you will find some recent bill inserts, as well as other brochures and publications produced by the utility.

Customer services

EWEB e-Billing (April 2014)
EWEB's Easy Payment Plans (Oct. 2009)
Stop/Start Service (Sept. 2014)

Low income assistance

Customer Care Programs
Share the Warmth Customer Care campaign

Energy – For residential customers

What to do if you lose power (Jan. 2015)
Home for the holidays? (Dec. 2012)
Heating tips (Oct. 2012)
Renter empowerment (Oct. 2012)
Keeping your cool (Aug. 2013)
Recycle your old fluorescent lamps (Nov. 2011)
EWEB Greenpower (March 2012)

Energy – For business customers

Set your thermostat on energy savings (Oct. 2012)
A bright idea for your business (Feb. 2012)
Energy Answers For Business
Energy Smart Rebates For Business
Energy Smart Design Program For Your Business
Energy Smart Programs For Your Business


There's a lot more to your water bill than just water (June 2016)
Improving water reliability (Feb. 2014)
Keep your water drinkable (Nov. 2013)
Wondering how much to water? (June 2015)
Water Wise Landscape Demonstration Garden (July 2011)
March is Fix a Leak Month (March 2016)
March is Fix a Leak Month (March 2015)
March is Fix a Leak Month (March 2014)
March is Fix a Leak Month – Faucets (March 2013)
March is Fix a Leak Month – Toilets (March 2011)
Weathering the winter: Prevent frozen and broken pipes (Nov. 2011)
Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money (July 2010)
Tune in to your water budget (July 2007)


EWEB's McKenzie River Hydroelectric Projects Emergency Action Plan
Prepare for outages (Jan. 2012)
Why and how EWEB trims trees (April 2010)


Careers at a public utility (July 2016)

Partner agency inserts

City of Eugene wastewater and stormwater fees (July 2016)

Community event inserts

EWEB honors the natural environment (April 2016)