Steve Mital
Commissioner Steve Mital, wards 1 and 8

Steve Mital joined EWEB's Board of Directors in January 2013. He was elected to represent Wards 1 and 8.

Steve is the director of University of Oregon's Office of Sustainability. Its broad mission is to "lead the integration of sustainability policies, programs, and practices into the institution's operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research, and engagement with the broader community." Results include a carbon emissions tracking and reduction plan, a green building and energy conservation policy, a new graduate certificate program, a sustainability-themed residence hall, reporting to track institutional progress, and the ECOchallenge – a community outreach project. These and other initiatives have earned the UO national recognition as a leader in this emerging field.

As a commissioner, Steve is committed to prudent financial planning, developing a second source of water, time-of-day energy pricing, continued delivery of clean and reliable water and power, and continued public ownership with local control.

Steve has lived in Eugene for the past 15 years. He spends most of his free time with his wife and two children. He also plays ultimate Frisbee in the city league, skis, bikes, and once-in-a-while, rafts rivers.

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