Leaburg Demonstration Forest
EWEB demonstration forest

EWEB owns approximately 500 acres along the Leaburg Canal in the middle McKenzie Watershed. We plan to develop a demonstration forest on this property.

EWEB will work with various partners and use the demonstration forest as a laboratory to:

  • Better understand forest management alternatives
  • Assess the validity and value of carbon markets
  • Provide a learning center for students, researchers and landowners

EWEB plans to conduct a timber cruise, carbon baseline survey and wildlife habitat mapping as first steps toward collecting critical information that will aid in the development of a forest management plan.


See background documents, reports and maps for a sense of what the demonstration forest currently looks like and how it might be managed in the future. You'll also find information on the potential to access carbon markets.




Email us for more information, or call Nancy Toth at 541-685-7438 or Karl Morgenstern at 541-685-7365.