Educational activities
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In addition to EWEB's education grants, the utility also directly supports and partners with other organizations to provide energy and water education in our community. From student writing projects to all-school assemblies, these activities help our youth learn about these valuable resources.

5th Grade Public Power Week Poster Contest

To celebrate Public Power Week, EWEB holds a poster contest for fifth grade students who attend school or live within EWEB's service territory. The 2015 theme is "Life Without Power" and the deadline for contest submissions is Friday, September 25. For more information check out the flyer and poster paper.

Honoring Our Rivers: A Student Anthology

The Honoring Our Rivers student anthology is a compilation of literary work selected from student entries submitted from throughout the Willamette River Watershed. Entries are accepted from students from kindergarten through university level. The anthology also features selections from renowned Northwest authors. We provide students the rare opportunity to have their writing showcased with professionals.

Student entries focus on the relationship between people and our watershed – the waters, weather, land, plants, animals and habitats that make up this beautiful and fragile river system. "Literature" is broadly defined to include fiction, poetry and essays in any area of study, including history, science, philosophy or the arts.

Exploring Planet Water (EPW) Curriculum

EWEB developed the Exploring Planet Water Curriculum to help students in grades 3-8 understand their local drinking water resources and to increase their awareness of local water issues. Lessons range from the properties of water to how storage reservoirs keep water pressure in our household plumbing.

EWEB sponsors workshops to train teachers to use the new Exploring Planet Water Curriculum. Over 100 teachers have attended EPW workshops, and the Bethel school district now uses the EPW curriculum in all 6th grade classrooms.

'You Ooze, You Lose' school assembly

All school assemblies, such as "You Ooze, You Lose," can energize your classroom's study of energy and water topics.

All-School Assemblies

We all learn in different ways and all-school assemblies are a great way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. EWEB continues to bring creative and fun assemblies about energy and water resources to the Eugene, Bethel, Springfield and McKenzie school districts. One of the highly acclaimed assemblies is The Doctor Wilderness Show.

EWEB Solar Challenge

The EWEB Solar Challenge is a culminating race and judging event for students in grades 6 through 8 who have built model solar-powered electric cars. Classrooms develop science and math skills as they creatively construct these cars and prepare them for design and race competitions. The annual competition is held at Monroe Middle School in early June with hopes of a sunny Saturday to power the photovoltaic powered cars.

EWEB Solar Challenge

The "Solar Challenge" puts students' skills and know-how to the test racing their solar powered cars.

Currently over 90 teams of 2-5 middle school students from Bethel, Eugene and Springfield schools represent their classrooms as they compete in both the race and design events. EWEB Education Grants furnish materials, training and curricula for this popular and exciting program.