Classroom presentations and tours

EWEB provides a variety of classroom presentations and facility tours. We hope that students will come away with a better understanding of the energy and water resources that support our use of electricity and clean water. Whether it involves safety, science concepts, hands-on building or a facility tour, we strive to offer programs that create excitement as well as understanding of these topics.

To make a tour or presentation request, call (541) 685-7000 or email EWEB's Community Education Coordinator.

Here are the various presentations and tours offered by EWEB:


An electrical safety demonstration featuring a scale model neighborhood. With pops and flashes, this engaging demonstration shows the outdoor electrical hazards associated with poles and high voltage lines. The presentation included a short electrical demonstration that investigates how we generate electricity. (30-45 minutes; ages 8 to adult; prefect for 3rd grade classes using the Electric Circuits science kit)

Hazard House

An electrical safety demonstration showing the shock and fire hazards associated with operating electrical appliances incorrectly in the home. Hazard House has alarm sound effects and lights to emphasize the hazards associated with improper use of these common household appliances. (30-45 minutes; ages 4-7)

Wind Turbines

Learn about windpower technology and EWEB's projects with a classroom presentation.

EWEB Windpower presentation

Learn how EWEB turns the power of the wind into electric power for your home. A photo tour of EWEB's Foote Creek Rim windpower project is used to share information about the Northwest's fasted growing renewable energy industry. Optional hands-on class activity creating and testing model wind turbines. (45- 90 minutes; ages 12 to adult)


Explore the wonders of magnets through great demonstrations. Learn about natural magnets, super strong magnets, and the relationship between magnets and electricity through a look at simple generators and motors. (45-60 minutes; perfect for 5th grade classes using the Magnets and Motors science kit)

Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant tour

Learn how Eugene's water is taken from the McKenzie River, filtered and purified, and delivered to customers. Water is one of our most precious natural resources. (45-60 minutes, not including travel time to north Springfield; ages 7 to adult; 8-10 people minimum, 1 to 4 adult to student ratio required for this tour)

Leaburg Dam

A tour of Leaburg Dam is a favorite for many classroom field trips.

Leaburg Dam tour

Learn how EWEB makes electricity from falling water. Tour Leaburg Dam, its control equipment and fish passage systems. Many field trips also visit the Leaburg Fish Hatchery next door and picnic in EWEB's Lloyd Knox Park. (2 hours minimum including travel time; Leaburg Dam is located 20 miles East of Springfield on Highway 126; ages 4 to adult)

Custom tours and presentations

Custom tours and presentations can be arranged on a variety of energy and water topics depending on the time and resources available. From building solar ovens to simple electric motors, EWEB can help engage your students in their exploration of energy and water resources. Contact us early so we can best accommodate your request. Call (541) 685-7000 or email EWEB Community Education Coordinator John Femal.