Electric pricing

For more than a century, the Eugene Water & Electric Board has provided its customers with reliable electric services at reasonable rates. As Oregon's largest citizen-owned municipal utility, we strive to keep you informed about any changes in your electric rates.

Current rates

(Effective Feb. 1, 2016)

The Residential Electric rate is composed of three monthly charges: the Basic Charge, the Delivery Charge and the Energy Charge.

Services that must be provided to you regardless of your usage, such as meter reading, billing and customer service, are listed under Basic Charge.

The Delivery Charge covers the costs of all "back-end" work required to send power over EWEB's distribution system to your home. It includes the operation and maintenance of local wires, transformers, poles and equipment.

The Energy Charge covers the costs of producing the electricity and transmitting it over long-distance transmission systems to Eugene's distribution system. (If you have signed up for EWEB Greenpower, it will appear on this portion of your bill.)

General Service rates also include a Demand Charge, which charges for peak kilowatt (kW) usage during the billing period.

Residential service

See rates for residential customers.

Small general service

See rates for general service customers using 0-30 monthly kilowatts.

Medium general service

See rates for general service customers using 31-500 monthly kilowatts.

Large general service

See rates for general service customers using 501-10,000 monthly kilowatts.

Other electric rates and rate schedules

For large general service, street lighting and other electric rates, as well as all rate schedules, visit EWEB's Policies and Procedures Manual (Chapter V). The manual is in PDF format and contains left-hand bookmarks and links in the table of contents for easier navigation to the rate schedules.


Email Customer Service with additional questions.