Electric rates - Small general service

For service up to 30 kilowatts (kW):

Basic charge
Single-phase service $23.06 per month
Three-phase service $34.08 per month
Demand charge
This is set on the highest consumption of power required in any 15-minute period during the billing month.
First 10 kW No Charge
All additional kW $7.124 per kW
Delivery charge
First 1,750 kWh 3.577 cents per kWh
All additional kWh 0.132 cents per kWh
Energy charge 6.900 cents per kWh

Small general service example:
Assume single-phase service, 20 kW demand, 4,000 kWh energy use.

Basic charge $23.06
Demand charge
First 10 kW
Second 10kW x $7.124

No Charge
Delivery charges
1,750 kWh x 3.577 cents
2,250 kWh x 0.132 cents

Energy charge
4,000 kWh x 6.900 cents

Total electric bill $435.87

See EWEB's Policies and Procedures Manual for more details about electric rates.