EWEB linemen at work
Save energy and money

EWEB's expert Energy Management Services staff is dedicated to helping you improve energy efficiency in your home or business with a full spectrum of programs, services and advice.

Power supply

See EWEB's sources of power. Learn about the utility's project to relicense the Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project and other relicensing efforts. Also read our most recent Integrated Electric Resource Plan.

Renewable energy

EWEB customers can choose to contribute to renewable energy research and education, in addition to local projects that help advance renewable energy.

Power quality

EWEB's power quality experts can help you protect critical electronic equipment and deal with power sags, surges, spikes and harmonic distortions.

Outages and safety

Find out how you can prepare for and deal with outages, stay safe, and keep trees under power lines properly maintained.

Electric rates

For nearly a century, EWEB has provided its customers with high-quality electric services at reasonable rates. Learn more about your current electric rates.

Electric vehicles

EWEB is committed to assisting interested customers in making the switch to an electric vehicle and preparing the grid for the future. Learn more about electric vehicles.