Electric vehicles

The first commercial, mass-market electric vehicles (EVs) began arriving in Eugene and the rest of the nation in late 2010.

Electric vehicles present an opportunity to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil and lower our carbon emissions. They also create some new challenges for utilities as fuel suppliers, and electric customers.

The Eugene Water & Electric Board is committed to assisting interested customers in making the switch to an electric vehicle and preparing the grid for the future.

Electric vehicle utility rebates Electric vehicle basics

Read about the benefits of EVs and some of the different types of vehicles on the market.

Charging options

Determining how to charge your new electric vehicle is an important part of the EV purchase process. Read about the different levels of charging and how to set up home charging.

Get plug-in ready

See a list of several key steps to help you with the process of purchasing an electric vehicle.

EV fleets

Electric vehicle fleets can make good business sense for a variety of commericial applications. Learn more about introducing EVs to your fleet.

EV Project

EWEB is one of the strategic partners in the U.S. Department of Energy's EV Project, the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure to-date.

Frequently asked questions

Read answers to many of the commonly asked questions about electric vehicles.


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