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The Eugene Water & Electric Board is the largest community-owned utility in Oregon. As a customer-owner, you have a stake in the utility's decisions and actions. There are a variety of ways the public can provide feedback and participate in EWEB's decision-making process.

Your commissioners

A Board of Commissioners elected by the citizens of Eugene is actively involved in managing EWEB's path and steering its future. Four commissioners represent specific wards of Eugene and one is an at-large member who is elected by all Eugene residents. This group serves as the main connection between EWEB and the community.

In addition to directly contacting your commissioner, you can provide feedback about EWEB issues at any board meeting. The Board of Commissioners generally meets the first and third Tuesday of every month in EWEB's North Building. Time is reserved at every regular board meeting for public comments. Board agendas are posted on this web site a few days in advance.

Public participation opportunities
  • Actively seeking and considering public input
  • Informing the public in a timely manner of key upcoming decisions and progress on ongoing activities
  • Taking into consideration the views of customers, community members and interested-parties
  • Providing reasonable access to relevant reports, records and documents

Read about EWEB's current issues and projects and visit our calendar of events for a list of public participation opportunities.