Diversity in the workplace

EWEB has created a Diversity Team to lead the utility's efforts in creating a more diverse work force and respectful work environment.

The following outlines the Diversity Team's work plan:


To be leaders in helping the organization attract, retain and develop a diverse workforce, and in creating a culture and climate of inclusion and respect.


Broadly defined, measurable outcomes that move the organization toward the realization of its vision.

  • To increase awareness of and support for workforce diversity and cultural competency.
  • To assist and support the organization in creating a workforce that mirrors the community in which we operate and serve.
  • To assist and support individuals to help them be successful at EWEB.
  • To promote an atmosphere that supports our values of inclusion, diversity and respect.
  • To assist and support the organization in surfacing and understanding unintended consequences of policies and procedures.

Specific, measurable outcomes that relate to the goals.

  • To promote recruitment and selection practices that maximize the quality, diversity and cultural competency of the workforce.
  • To serve as a sounding board and advocate for the resolution of diversity issues.
  • To encourage and support mentoring through formal and informal systems.
  • To expand the number of and participation in events that emphasize respect and inclusion of multicultural perspectives.
  • To help individuals and the organization understand and recognize privilege and bias in the workplace.
  • To advocate for dealing with cultural incompetence in swift and effective ways.

How the objective will be accomplished. Strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhance the visibility and image of the Diversity Team.
  • Seek partnership with Human Resources and hiring supervisors to influence recruitment and hiring practices.
  • Develop mechanisms to promote diverse participation in EWEB activities.
  • Develop tools, resources and information for employees who may have particular needs.
  • Promote internship programs and other recruitment outreach efforts.
  • Identify and promote diversity and cultural competence training and development opportunities, particularly in developing leaders.

Email EWEB's Human Resources department with questions or comments.