EWEB's mission, vision and values
EWEB's mission, vision and values
Our Mission

is to enhance the Eugene community's vitality by providing water and electric products and services consistent with the values of our customer-owners.

Our Vision

is to be the best community-owned water and electric utility in the nation.

We Value
  • Providing affordable products and services
    We carefully and responsibly manage the financial and physical resources entrusted to our care. We manage costs for the benefit of our customer-owners.
  • Caring about our community and the environment
    We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our community. We respect the environment and strive to minimize our footprint on the natural world.
  • Being flexible, innovative and adaptable to community needs
    We are responsive to changes that impact our work. We are curious about how to be better at our work, and creative in how we solve problems.
  • Defining value through the customer's eyes
    We treat all customers with respect and listen to their needs. We provide products and services that deliver long-term value to our community of customer-owners.
  • Creating a quality work environment
    We are inclusive and treat each other with courtesy and respect. We ensure a safe, healthy and diverse work place. We work hard and look for ways to have fun.
Our Business Strategies
  • Leverage the power of our people to create and implement flexible and resilient business plans over the course of this strategic plan to allow EWEB to better adapt and thrive as the future changes.
  • Redefine and price the products and services that today's customers value over the next three years, in order to help prepare EWEB and the community for the utility of the future.
  • Refine our focus over the course of this strategic plan to clearly reflect the vision and values of EWEB employees and the community we serve in the work that we do each day, while we transform vital aspects of our business.
  • Increase customer value within the next five years for both utilities by targeting a competitive comparator position at the middle of the pack when compared to industry peers.
  • Increase organizational efficiency over the next five years by using technology, business process improvements, partnerships, and other mechanisms to manage costs, improve service, and increase customer value.