EWEB's modernization program
Technician on laptop at substation

EWEB is preparing to join hundreds of other utilities across the United States to offer enhanced customer services made available by significant advances in technology. These upgrades will allow EWEB to improve service reliability and efficiency, enable customers to more easily manage their electric and water use, and expand the utilization of renewable energy sources.

As part of EWEB’s modernization program, the utility is upgrading its hardware and software infrastructure to allow customers to have more control over their electric and water use. This modernization initiative not only will make EWEB more efficient, but will increase the menu of services and choices available to all customers.

Some of the initial services EWEB may offer in the next several years include remote connect and disconnect; automated electric outage notifications to accelerate response and restoration; remote reading of electric and water meters; enhanced water leak-detection services; the ability for customers to pre-pay or pay as you go; varied pricing and budget service plans; and the ability for customers to monitor and control their energy use in real time.

Joining the 21st century with new equipment

EWEB is in the midst of upgrading many of its technology platforms, including customer information services, geographic information services, data management, its aging electric and water meters, and its website. The goal of these improvements is to give customers a suite of enhanced service choices that allow for better management of their water and electricity use, and more control over their bills.

As with such projects, the modernization will be completed over a period of years. Already underway, the upgrades are expected to continue through 2018. When complete, customers will be able to choose if they want to have enhanced services enabled by wireless technology.

EWEB to pursue 'opt-in' strategy

EWEB commissioners in late 2013 voted unanimously to move forward with an “opt-in” approach, in which customers can confirm they want to take advantage of new, enhanced services using modern technology platforms. Customers who decide they don’t want these upgraded services do not have to do anything.

EWEB hopes to have the menu of new services available to customers in 2018.

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