Power quality
EWEB employee at work

EWEB's power quality experts can help you protect your home electronic equipment and deal with power sags, surges, spikes and harmonic distortions.

Power quality services

EWEB has created a Power Quality Team to give you the highest-quality electricity possible. Learn how we can help.

Sags, spikes and surges

Learn more about the three most common types of power problems and how to prevent them.

Harmonic distortions: Problems and solutions

Let EWEB's Power Quality Team help you with distortions you may be having in your electric voltage harmonics.

Protect your electronic equipment

Learn how to safeguard your computers and other electronic equipment from momentary surges in voltage.

Power system disturbances

EWEB has equipment that measures regional power system disturbances that may affect our customers. Details of past and recent disturbances are available.