Power Quality Services

EWEB is committed to providing reliable power to you. We design, maintain, and operate our system with reliability as a primary goal. Unfortunately, reliable power is not perfect power. System events, including events on transmission lines hundreds of miles away, cause disturbances in the power we supply you. While these events are not frequent, they can cause problems for your sensitive equipment if you are not prepared.

Utility systems are usually a minor source of power quality problems. Studies show that 65 to 85 percent of power quality problems originate in customers homes or businesses. Problems with grounding, neutrals, wiring, harmonics generated by equipment, and other sources can interfere with or damage other equipment in your facility.

There are many techniques and products available to help minimize the impact of power quality problems in your home and business.

For more information about power quality, see the Surge Sheet, Sags, Spikes and Surges and Harmonic Distortion: Problems and Solutions.

EWEB has voltage recorders at various substations across our electrical system. If you saw the lights blink momentarily or had some equipment power off for no apparent reason, perhaps it was due to a system wide transmission outage. To view the most recent power system disturbance recorded, see Most Recent Disturbances.

Program Description

Whether the source of the problems is outside or inside your facility, we understand you want electricity that gives you trouble-free service for your home or business. To make sure you're getting the best possible level of service, EWEB has created a power quality team to address your needs.

Services Available:

  • Power quality troubleshooting, auditing, review, and analysis
  • Outage and sag mitigation recommendations
  • Surge protection recommendations
  • Custom power solutions
  • Power quality education

Telephone the Power Quality Team at (541) 685-7676 or E-mail us.