Carmen-Smith Relicensing Project
Carmen-Smith Hyrdoelectric Project

The Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project on the upper McKenzie River has served EWEB customers with low-cost, carbon-free electricity since 1963. Carmen-Smith is our largest utility-owned power source, generating enough power to supply 16,000 homes with electricity.

EWEB is seeking a new, 50-year operating license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. EWEB submitted a license application to FERC in 2006, and is currently awaiting the issuance of the new license.

EWEB worked collaboratively with 16 state and federal agencies, Indian tribes, and environmental and recreation groups on the habitat, recreation and other improvements EWEB will undertake as part of its new operating license. This Settlement Agreement was signed in October 2008.

Get involved

If you have an interest in being kept informed about the relicensing process, or if you have questions or comments about relicensing, send an e-mail to the relicensing team.