Renewable energy
Green and renewable options

Eugene's citizens have a long history of caring for the environment. Today, the community's interest in "green" living is higher than ever.

EWEB offers an array of programs that help customers save energy and water, as well as products that use resources that are renewable, sustainable and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Save energy and money

EWEB believes that the first step towards a sustainable energy future is to ensure the community uses energy efficiently. Learn how EWEB services and rebates can help you save energy and money.

Renewable resources

For many years, EWEB has heard from its customer-owners in surveys and focus groups that following conservation, clean and renewable power is their resource of choice. Since the late 1990s, EWEB has been at the forefront of developing renewable energy resources to meet increased demand not offset by conservation efforts.

Renewable energy refers to electricity supplied by energy sources that are naturally and continually replenished including wind, solar power, hydropower, geothermal and various forms of biomass. Participate in EWEB's renewable energy programs:

EWEB Greenpower

EWEB Greenpower enables customers to contribute to the development and use of renewable energy in the local community.

Solar electric program

Produce clean, renewable power at your home or business, while also helping EWEB decrease the amount of power it purchases from non-renewable sources.

Our energy future

Learn about EWEB's Integrated Electric Resource Plan, which guides decisions about which electric energy resources are pursued to meet customers demand. Get a glimpse of EWEB's electric resource portfolio and take of tour of EWEB-owned projects.

EWEB's Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Report

In 2007, the state of Oregon enacted Senate Bill 838 – the Oregon Renewable Energy Act. The act created a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that all Oregon electric utilities must follow. The purpose of the RPS is to decrease Oregon utilities' reliance on fossil fuels for electric generation and increase their use of renewable energy sources including biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind. EWEB's power portfolio is overwhelmingly made up of renewable resources. Therefore, we already exceed the targets.

The bill also mandates that utilities, including EWEB, publish an annual compliance report. Read more about the Oregon RPS