Roosevelt Operations Center
Architectural rendering of the Roosevelt Operations Center

The Eugene Water & Electric Board moved half of its staff in October 2010 to a new electric and water operations facility at the southeast corner of Roosevelt Boulevard and Beltline Road in west Eugene.

Approximately 275 employees from the electric and water operations, warehouse and fleet services sections are based at the new facility.

The administrative staff and customer service functions remain in the existing headquarters building along the Willamette River near downtown Eugene.

Sustainability features

EWEB's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in the design of the Roosevelt Operations Center.

A few of the many energy and water efficiency measures integrated into the new facility include:


  • Solar hot water heating
  • Solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity
  • Substantial use of daylighting to reduce electric lighting costs
  • Enhanced building insulation
  • High efficiency light fixtures and occupancy sensors

The combination of the strategies above, along with additional measures, help reduce electrical demand. In fact, the facility is approximately 35% more energy efficient than current state standards.


LEED Gold certification

EWEB's Roosevelt Operations Center earned a "gold" certification from the U.S. Green Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Why move EWEB's operations facilities?
  • Improve accessibility to maintain service reliability
    EWEB prides itself on responding quickly to outages and other problems with electric and water systems. Building an operations center closer to major streets and arterials, and away from the downtown congestion, improves efficient operations.
  • Create safe and efficient facilities
    The existing facilities along the riverfront, adjacent to the headquarters, were at least 50 years old and in need of replacement. The buildings no longer met seismic standards and were prone to major damage or collapse in the event of an earthquake.
  • Allow for better use of riverfront property
    Customers want a more people-friendly use for the 27 acres of downtown riverfront property that includes the operations facilities.

The final construction cost for the project is estimated to be $71.5 million, which is about $12 million less than the project budget of $83.5 million established by EWEB's Board of Commissioners. Bonds issued to build the facility will be paid back using a portion of the revenue collected from customers' electric and water bills.

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