Daylighting in Roosevelt Operations Center

The Operations and Engineering Building at the Roosevelt Operations Center is narrow and long in the east-west direction. This provides the many spaces on the outside with access to daylight. This building plan, along with the following daylighting strategies, reduces the building's energy demand by decreasing the needs for electric lighting.

  • Windows are placed high in the wall to allow daylight to penetrate farther into interior spaces.
  • North-facing windows, where heat gain isn't a problem, allow in more light to maximize daylighting.
  • Skylights with a special lens allow for additional daylighting, while also reducing glare and spreading light evenly.
  • Light wells bring daylight into the building core.
  • Interior windows allow daylight from light wells into conference rooms and other spaces in the building core.
  • Walls and ceilings are painted white for high reflectance to help brighten interior spaces.
  • South-facing windows have glass that lets in less light to prevent overheating from the direct south sun.
  • Exterior sun shades let in daylight while keeping out unwanted heat from direct summer sun.