Preparing for outages

EWEB is committed to providing customers with reliable and safe power. However, severe weather and other unforeseen events can cause outages. EWEB may also contact you about a planned outage, which may be necessary when performing maintenance or upgrades to our electric system infrastructure.

Follow the tips below to help protect yourself in case the lights go out:

At home
At work
  • Create an outage response plan, and then practice it with your employees at least once a year.
  • Make sure you and key employees know where electric supply panels are located and know how to shut off the power.
  • Know where shutoff switches are for your equipment.
  • Consider installing emergency lighting or a backup generator.
  • Create and maintain an emergency kit
  • Have a non-electrical cash register on hand as a backup.
  • Protect computers from power surges with high-quality surge protectors. Prevent the loss of critical data with automated backup programs.
  • Make sure electronic door locks can be bypassed manually.
Building your emergency kit

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides a useful list of suggested contents for a basic emergency supply kit for your home, office or car. Also read about additional emergency supplies, first aid kit suggestions and supplies for unique needs. Be prepared in the event of a power outage, or other emergency situation.

Protecting your appliances and equipment

Electronics, appliances and other electrically powered equipment are vulnerable during power outages and can be damaged. Damage can occur at any time, including when power is disconnected and when systems are restored at the conclusion of the outage.

Please consult a professional electrician or your equipment manufacturer to determine the recommended steps you should take to protect the electronic equipment and devices in your home during any power outage.

If not already protected, you may consider de-energizing or unplugging your electrical equipment during an unscheduled or planned outage.