Your responsibilities
Who is responsible for your electric service?

EWEB is responsible for repairing or replacing, free of charge, the overhead electrical lines that run from the utility pole to the connection point on your house. The electric meter is also EWEB's responsibility. If the meter is damaged, EWEB will repair or replace it for free.

You are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing all equipment beyond the service connection point (except for the electric meter). Contact a professional contractor to repair or replace the following, if damaged:

  • Weatherhead and insulator
  • Service entrance cable
  • Meter box on which your electric meter is mounted
  • Main service panel, which includes the fuse boxes and/or circuit breakers for the electric service in your home
  • Point of attachment or roof jack.

If your weatherhead or meter base has been damaged, it is a safety hazard that requires the electrical service be disconnected until repairs are made by a licensed electrician. These repairs will require an electrical inspection by the city or county inspector. If you hire a licensed electrician with supervisory authority they may use a supervisory letter prior to inspection. Once the repairs are made you may call EWEB at 541-685-7506 to have the service restored.

Tips on selecting a contractor

When looking for a professional contractor to maintain, repair or replace your electric service equipment, remember:

  • Contractors charge different fees. Call at least three to compare price quotes.
  • Ask how long each contractor has been in business.
  • Get customer references and check to see if those customers were satisfied.
  • Be sure the contractor guarantees both workmanship and materials.
  • Keep in mind that the lowest bid is not always the best. Skill, workmanship and service are extremely important.
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed and bonded.