Advanced meters
Advanced meter

Hundreds of utilities across the United States have installed advanced meters, commonly known as "smart meters," to move toward a more intelligent and efficient electric system capable of improving service reliability, enabling customers to more easily manage their energy use and expanding the use of renewable energy sources.

EWEB, too, is looking to modernize its system through the use of advanced meters. As we enter our second century of service, we are committed to building a more advanced, reliable and efficient electrical system that is able to provide customers with greater information, control and convenience.

EWEB to pursue 'opt-in' strategy

EWEB commissioners on Oct. 1, 2013, voted unanimously to move forward with an advanced metering project that takes an "opt-in" approach in which customers will choose whether to have an advanced meter or stick with their existing meter. The next two to three years will focus on pilot projects to test the metering system and explore customer benefits under various voluntary choices and options, such as time-of-use pricing. Once these pilots are completed, EWEB will determine whether to move into a broader implementation.

The opt-in approach is a departure from initial plans that called for EWEB to provide an "opt-out" strategy, in which meters would be installed for everyone by 2017 in a large-scale "rollout," unless they choose to opt-out. Opt-in is all about customer choice and using the generating facilities already built more efficiently.

What is an advanced meter?

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Frequently asked questions

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Advanced meters timetable

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Pilot project

Learn about our small-scale pilot in 2011 that included 100 customers. Read details about the objectives and goals of the pilot.

Public participation

EWEB is committed to listening to our customers, providing current research and information, answering questions, and addressing concerns. Read about public participation opportunities offered to-date.

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