Net metering
Crews installing solar panels on a rooftop

If the photovoltaic system is installed on your side of EWEB's electric meter, the electricity will be used in your home or business first.

If your electric usage is greater than the PV system can produce, the rest is supplied by EWEB.

When your usage is less than your PV system generates, the excess electricity flows through your electric meter into the EWEB electrical grid. EWEB will credit your account for any generation in excess of what you use on-site over the course of the month. The amount of the credit is adjusted annually upon approval by the EWEB Board of Commissioners. You retain the renewable energy credits.


Incentives are available on a first come, first served basis. The 2017 incentive budget is $150,000. EWEB staff will periodically review remaining funds. Incentive levels are subject to change and may end at any time.

Project type Incentive Maximum incentive
Residential net metered $0.40/AC output watt $2,500
*Commercial net metered $0.50/AC output watt $12,500

*Incentives for non-residential customers are limited to nonprofit, government or public project, excluding Greenpower Grant recipient projects.

The solar electric incentives are funded directly through voluntary enrollment in EWEB's Greenpower program. Sign up for Greenpower today to support renewable energy in your community.

Program requirements

The most important requirement is to contact EWEB early in the process before starting construction of your system. Additional steps before installation include:

  • Review the application process instructions below.
  • Obtain a building permit for the system, which must be installed within EWEB's service territory.
  • Submit the appropriate program application and receive approval.
  • Complete an EWEB Interconnection Agreement and Net Metering Agreement.

Upon completion of the project, all systems must be inspected first by City or County building officials and then by EWEB.

Application process
  • Please apply before you begin installation, as failure to do so could prohibit interconnection.
  • Your project must be completed within 90 days of application.
  • Submit completed applications by:
    • Email:
    • Mail: EWEB Energy Management Services, Attn: Solar Electric Program, PO Box 10148, Eugene, OR 97440-2148
  • Due to demand, incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant unprocessed.
  • Customers that do not meet the 85 percent total solar resource fraction are still eligible for net metering and interconnection, but are not eligible for any available incentive funds.

Email us for more information and questions, or call (541) 685-7000.