Drinking water source protection
McKenzie River

The McKenzie River is the sole source of drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in the Eugene metropolitan area.

Recognizing the importance of this valuable resource, EWEB developed a Drinking Water Source Protection Plan in 2000, which includes a risk assessment of all potential threats to our drinking water. As part of this effort, EWEB launched an ambitious drinking water source protection program to protect the McKenzie and the high water quality EWEB customers have come to appreciate.

About source protection

Learn about more about source protection, EWEB's program goals and the economic benefits of proactively protecting the source of our drinking water.

Watershed monitoring

Read about EWEB's comprehensive water quality monitoring program.

McKenzie Watershed Emergency Response System

EWEB has worked closely with federal, state and local agencies to implement the McKenzie Watershed Emergency Response System (MWERS).


EWEB has several programs designed to help farms become more economically viable so the land continues to be used for this purpose, while also encouraging farmers to use fewer chemicals to protect the watershed.


Learn what EWEB is doing to help residents protect water quality.


Forested watersheds produce better water quality than any other surface water source. Learn how EWEB is encouraging best management forest practices.


EWEB provides tools to help students understand water resource issues and the importance of protecting the McKenzie Watershed as a drinking water resource.


Access a complete inventory of program reports, documents and related research.


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