Energy-saving stories

We're empowering everyday citizens with resources to save money and energy in their homes and businesses. See what our customers are saying about the programs, rebates and incentives that have helped them increase their comfort and decrease their electric bills at home.

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Also read energy-saving stories from our business customers.

Couple holding onto a heating duct Savvy supporters of sustainability and home energy conservation

Ted and Ann Teffry saved 40% on their energy bill with a new ducted heating system – made possible with rebates from EWEB – and got the confidence of a job well done thanks to the Quality Installation program from ENERGY STAR®.

Mother holding a CFL over her son's head Innovators of illumination and inspiration for positive change

James Cupp proves that even the smallest change can make a big difference. James helped his mom replace their home's incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and Jennie recycles old CFLs instead of throwing them away.

Woman looking through a window Tenacious tenant with a clear view of the role we all have in saving energy

Jennie Cupp encouraged her landlord to replace her windows with ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, saving money on her electric bill, keeping her family warm and increasing her landlord's property value.

Man holding solar panels Solar savvy home builder and creative consumer of energy-saving programs

David Smith is a contractor who harnesses the power of the sun to reduce his carbon footprint and save home buyers money. Using EWEB's rebate programs, David has built homes, including his own, with energy costs as low as $350 per year.

Man holding rolls of insulation Warrior of warmth

David Smith is also a homeowner who uses insulation to keep the temperature in his house just right. By taking advantage of EWEB's weatherization rebate program, David was able to shrink his carbon footprint and his heating costs by as much as 20%.

Woman peaking through a plant Crusader of comfort and champion of energy conservation

Reyna Gaspar saved $3,500 with state and EWEB rebates on a new ductless heat pump, plus attic and floor insulation. In six months, she's already saved $200 on her electric bill, and her philodendron has gone from failing to flourishing since the switch.