2010 Sustainability report
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EWEB has long been known for its commitment to energy efficiency, assistance to low income customers and environmental protection. Now, we have also begun to measure the social, environmental and economic performance across all of EWEB operations and activities. EWEB is one of the few publicly owned utilities in the country that is undertaking this work.

This is the third EWEB sustainability report. It summarizes detailed data gathered to meet the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report provides information on performance indicators and helps identify areas where EWEB is a leader in sustainable business practices, as well as areas of opportunity and challenge.

After the initial broad scan of indicators for 2008, we narrowed our reporting focus in 2009 and again this year to gain a deeper understanding of our social, economic and environmental performance. Next year, rather than produce a sustainability report like this one, we'll be taking a broader look at how to link up the established sustainability initiatives into more of a sustainability management system. This approach will allow more time to be devoted to improving operational performance, and developing goals and metrics upon which we can gauge progress towards EWEB's vision of being the best community-owned utility in the nation.

While disclosure is important, the central purpose of the GRI process – and EWEB's goal – is to improve performance.

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Report themes

The 2010 report is organized under the following four themes that address the economic, environmental and social issues facing EWEB:

GRI indicator summary reports

The reporting process provided information on a number of performance indicators. These indicators fall into seven broad categories, as defined by GRI. View tables including all indicator descriptions and summary reports.

Next steps

Sustainability reporting is the beginning of a more intensive process of monitoring, goal setting, evaluation and improvement at EWEB. It is the first step in a very deliberate process of managing EWEB operations and services in a way that considers economic stability, natural resource health and constraints, and long-term social equity.

Letter from the General Manager

Read General Manager Roger Gray's letter included in the 2010 Sustainability Report.

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