Sustainability policy

Adopted by commissioners on November 4, 2010, amended Dec. 21, 2010, Resolution No. 1023

The Board desires to make policy and major decisions from a proactive, comprehensive perspective that positions EWEB in a leadership role with the community in creating a sustainable future. As such the Board will:

  • Adopt a triple bottom line decision making approach that considers environmental, social and economic impacts;
  • Be transparent and when appropriate develop partnerships within the community to help surface and consider the risks, possibilities, benefits, impacts and potential mitigation options of policy and major decisions.

The General Manager or designated staff will report periodically on the effectiveness of this policy by reviewing key decisions to assure a balanced holistic approach was used that considered environmental, social and economic impacts along with any mitigation efforts to offset harmful impacts.

See EWEB's complete Board Policy Manual

EWEB is developing a triple bottom line analysis framework to help staff bring more holistic information to the EWEB Board for their decisions.