Trees and safety
Tree pruning

Safety is the highest priority when pruning or removing a tree. Before you begin work on a tree, survey the area for overhead electrical lines. If you see lines in or near the tree you are planning to work on, call EWEB. Follow the prompts on the automated system and leave a message with the Vegetation Management Department that includes your name, service address and contact number (messages are check daily Monday-Friday).

Based on your needs, EWEB's arborists or foresters can consult with you about you trees and any potential conflicts with electrical lines. In all cases, avoid working near electrical lines as contact can cause serious injury or death.

Important safety tips:

  • Look up and live! Watch for overhead electrical lines when moving ladders or tools.
  • Need to prune or remove a tree? First, call EWEB at 541-685-7000.
  • Call before you dig. Ask the Oregon Utility Notification Center at (800) 332-2344 to mark underground utilities.
  • Inspect your trees in the fall before winter weather moves in. Survey your trees following significant weather events (wind, ice, snow) and call EWEB if trees near electrical lines appear hazardous or damaged.
  • Do not let children play in trees near electrical lines. Even if a tree is not touching the lines, a child's weight on a branch could bring it in contact with live electrical lines. If you are thinking about building a tree house, plan ahead and ensure that the electrical lines are at least ten feet away from the house and the tree. Design the tree house accordingly so that no matter where a child plays on the structure, the power lines are never closer than ten feet.