My water service

Learn how to access and read your meter, and see tips for troubleshooting possible leaks.

Finding and fixing leaks

A leaky toilet can use 200 gallons of water a day. See tips for finding and fixing leaks.

Financial assistance programs for leak repair and service line replacement

Learn about EWEB's financial assistance programs for repairing minor water leaks and replacing
water service lines.

Meter access

Make sure your water meter is accessible.

Reading your water meter

Learn how to read your meter to develop a water budget or detect leaks.

Water meter test request form

Submit a request online to have EWEB test your water meter for accuracy.

Prevent frozen pipes

Avoid costly repairs during the winter by taking steps to protect your water pipes from freezing.

Customer side private hand valve rebate program

Apply for a rebate after installing a new private hand valve on the customer side of your water meter.


Email EWEB's water operations coordinators for more information. To report a water emergency or a water outage call (541) 685-7595.