Finding and fixing leaks
Hands washing under a sink faucet
Indoor water leaks

The most common leaks are found in toilets, faucets or showerheads. Fortunately, these can also be the easiest to fix.

Leaking faucets are usually caused by worn washers, while toilet leaks often can be traced to the flush or fill valves. See EWEB's "How to" guides (shaded box to the right) to learn how to find and fix common plumbing problems in your home.

Water service line

The water service line between the water meter and the house may also leak. Once the possibility of indoor leaks has been eliminated, do a meter test.

Meter test
  • Locate the water meter, which is usually near the street.
  • Write down the numerical reading. If the meter cannot be read because there is too much water in the meter box, or you cannot locate your meter, call EWEB's Water Operations at (541) 685-7000.
  • Wait at least an hour without using water (flushing toilets, running the dishwasher, doing laundry, automatic refill of a refrigerator ice maker) and re-read the meter.
  • If the numbers on the meter have changed, water has passed through the meter indicating there is a leak or other unknown use.
Landscape sprinkler systems

If the meter test indicates that there may be a leak outside your home and you have an underground sprinkler system, it is important to determine if the suspected leak is in the water service line or sprinkler system before you call a contractor.

  • Turn the sprinkler system main valve off. Do a meter test. If the meter moves during this time, the leak is in the household plumbing or the water service line.
  • If the meter does not move, do a meter test with the sprinkler system main valve on. If the meter moves, it is likely there is a leak in your sprinkler system.
After hours call out fee

An after hours call out fee will be assessed to customers who request a connect/disconnect for plumbing-related repairs between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. Read more about this fee in EWEB's Policies and Procedures Manual (see Section A).


If you need further leak detection and repair assistance, call EWEB's Water Operations at (541) 685-7000.