Water quality
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EWEB water is reliably delicious

The water served by EWEB meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water health standards. In fact, EWEB is proud to say that it has never violated a maximum contaminant level or any other water quality standard established by the EPA.

Water treatment process

Read about EWEB's extensive treatment process, which enables the utility to easily meet all federal and state water quality requirements.

Lead and drinking water

Lead has not been detected in EWEB's treated source water and there are no known lead service lines in the distribution system. EWEB also treats its water to raise pH and reduce the corrosivity of water before it enters the distribution system.

The main source of lead in water in the Eugene area is household plumbing. Learn more about lead in drinking water and household plumbing:

Annual consumer confidence reports and annual testing results

Read the consumer confidence report we publish annually in compliance with federal law. This provides a snapshot of the previous year's water quality. For more detail, see the results of EWEB's annual chemical analysis of the treated water.

Boil water notice

Public water utilities like EWEB must notify their customers if water quality may be compromised and might pose a risk to public health. A boil water notice explains what happened and what consumers need to do. Learn more and read answers to the most commonly asked questions during such a notice.

Backflow prevention

Unexpected changes in pressure can cause water to flow backward, creating potential contamination. Learn how to prevent this from happening.

Frequently asked questions about water quality

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the quality of your drinking water.


Email our water quality experts with questions or for more information, or call (541) 341-8500 ext. 2.