Water rates

For more than a century, the Eugene Water & Electric Board has provided its customers with high-quality water services at reasonable rates. As Oregon's largest citizen-owned municipal utility, we strive to keep you informed about any changes in your water rates.

Types of charges

Your monthly water bill is composed of three main parts:

  • Basic Charge: This is based on meter size and covers the cost of services that must be provided regardless of how much water you use per month. This includes meter reading, billing and customer service.
  • Consumption Charge: This applies to the amount of water you use per month and is expressed in thousands of gallons, or "kgals."
  • Elevation Charges: If applicable, this recovers the cost of pumping water to higher-elevation customers.
Current rates

(Effective Feb. 1, 2016)

Frequently asked questions about your water rates

Get answers to some of your frequently asked rate questions.

Wastewater and Stormwater charges
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EWEB is appointed by the City Charter to collect and remit to the City of Eugene all charges for wastewater and stormwater services. EWEB has no relationship with the City's wastewater and stormwater system operation or rates and acts only as the City's billing agent. For more information about these charges, call 541-682-4900 or see the City of Eugene's stormwater/wastewater brochure.


Email Customer Service with additional questions.