The role of water conservation in water reliability
Efficient water use

EWEB water supply planning starts with efficient management of water in our daily operations and by helping our customers make the most of every gallon they purchase. Conserving water optimizes the existing system of pipes, pumps, and reservoirs to meet community needs. When water consumption remains stable due to wise water use, EWEB can postpone costly system expansions so capital investments can be devoted to maintaining critical water infrastructure.

Efficient water operations

As stewards of a precious resource, EWEB is committed to water efficiency in every area of our daily operations – from drinking water production through delivery to our customers. Some examples of water efficient operations are:

  • EWEB's water filtration plant can now recycle up to one million gallons per day during the treatment process. In 2013, EWEB recyled 70.8 million gallons of process water, enough water to supply our service area for about four days in the winter months.
  • EWEB conducts frequent leak detection surveys throughout the water distribution system and is committed to prompt leak repairs. In 2013, EWEB surveyed 125 miles of distribution pipes.
  • EWEB continues to offer water conservation services and advice to customers.
Make the most of every gallon

Our goal is to provide the information and tools needed to control the amount and timing of water consumed to help customers use only the amount of water they need when they need it. Conservation programs invite our customers to join EWEB in water wise stewardship of a precious resource.

  • In the summer months, about 70 percent of water purchased by Eugene household is used for outdoor watering. The award winning Green Grass Gauge information campaign helps customers apply the right amount of water to maintain a healthy landscape.
  • EWEB partners with our local water utilities to promote March as Fix-a-Leak month each year. In 2013, EWEB's leak assistance programs helped customers save more than 28 million gallons of water.
  • A toilet rebate program supports the purchase of performance-tested WaterSense labeled toilets.
Postpone expansion to invest in water reliability

For nearly 90 years, EWEB has reliably served the community with cool, clean, clear water drawn from the mountain-fed McKenzie River. Few community members are aware, however, of the invisible risks of relying on a single source of supply.

To address reliability concerns, EWEB is undertaking a Water Reliability Initiative – a comprehensive approach to minimizing the risk of a prolonged water service interruption. The Initiative includes maintaining and improving the water system infrastructure, as well as developing alternate sources of drinking water.

Water conservation optimizes the existing water distribution system allowing EWEB to postpone costly system expansions and invest instead in water reliability improvement strategies.

Learn more about EWEB's Water Reliability Initiative

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