Planning for a water emergency

In the event of a natural disaster or distribution system failure, EWEB water customers may experience a prolonged disruption of water service.

Preparing for water outages

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that each household store a three-day supply of water (one gallon of water per person, per day) for drinking and sanitation. See FEMA's basic disaster supply kit checklist.

View the results from a short survey and see what people said about their household's level of emergency preparedness.

Restoring your water service

EWEB's first priority will be to isolate water system damage and then restore service as quickly and as safely possible.

Emergency water distribution

Once the integrity of the water system is secure, EWEB may deploy its water incident response trailer to help meet customers' minimum water needs during an extended outage. Read frequently asked questions about EWEB's emergency water distribution.

For a printable version of water incident response information, see the water emergency response flyer and the boil water notice education flyer.

EWEB's water emergency response planning

Read more about EWEB's emergency response plan in the utility's Water Management and Conservation Plan (Chapter 4).

It is important to note that that EWEB's water emergency preparedness efforts do not eliminate the need for other water system reliability expenditures, including additional water sources. In fact, the utility's commitment to emergency planning highlights the need to diversify EWEB's water supply portfolio.