Frequently asked questions about EWEB's water reliability

What is EWEB's Water Reliability Initiative?

What are the risks to Eugene's water supply?

Where does Eugene get drinking water today? What options have been considered for alternate sources of drinking water?

Does EWEB have the capability to provide customers with water from alternate sources?

EWEB crews working on a water main leak

EWEB's pipe replacement program protects water quality, improves fire protection, and reduces water outages and property damage.

What other reliability improvements are planned along with diversifying the water supply?

Can water conservation help EWEB improve reliability?

How will EWEB pay for development of alternate water sources and other reliability improvements?

Will EWEB develop alternate water sources in partnership with other area water suppliers?

What is the timeline for developing alternate sources of drinking water? How will EWEB customers and the public be informed and involved?

If it's going to take a number of years, why should people care now?