EWEB water reliability: Six things you should know
Hand holding a glass of water

Investment in a reliable water system maintains Eugene's quality of life and assures a healthy local economy and jobs.

  • EWEB is committed to drinking water system reliability. With the goal of minimizing prolonged community-wide disruptions in water service.
  • Long-term planning and cost-effective investments in water reliability have served EWEB customers well for more than 100 years. Continued investment is needed to increase the resilience of the water system as it ages, becomes more complex and serves more customers over time.
  • Water reliability is a top priority for the utility, but balancing these critical investment with rate affordability is equally important.
  • In summer months there is only enough emergency storage to provide one or two days of water if something happens to EWEB's McKenzie River water supply.
  • Over the last decade EWEB has evaluated all viable options and determined that there are limited opportunities for more water. Emergency connections to neighboring utility systems do not provide enough back up for even one day of Eugene's supply needs.
  • The lack of alternate water sources could result in unacceptable risk to public health, safety and the economy should a prolonged emergency occur.