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EWEB Line Contruction and Operations crew

The Eugene Water & Electric Board, founded in 1911, is Oregon's largest customer-owned utility and provides electricity and water to more than 86,000 homes, business, schools and other customers in Eugene, Oregon.

As a public utility, EWEB does not operate to earn a profit or to serve the investment needs of stockholders. Instead, EWEB is chartered by the city of Eugene to serve the interests of its citizens. The citizens of Eugene, therefore, are owners of the utility.

EWEB's mission, vision and values

See EWEB's mission and vision statements, along with identified utility values and current business strategies.

Celebrating a century of service

EWEB commemorates its 100th anniversary this year. Learn about the utility's first century, its plans for the next 100 years and how we are commemorating this significant milestone throughout 2011.

Benefits of a community-owned utility

Learn about how our customer-owners benefit from having a public utility.

Elected Board of Commissioners

The citizens of Eugene elect a five-member Board of Commissioners for the utility. This board retains full control and sets policies for EWEB.

Facts about EWEB

See detailed facts and figures about EWEB, its facilities and the many programs it offers.

General Manager Frank Lawson

Read about General Manager Frank Lawson.

Map of EWEB's service territory

See a map detailing the areas that EWEB provides water and electric service.

Financial reports

See copies of independent auditor's reports and financial statements for the utility dating back to 2003.