Limited income assistance
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The Eugene Water & Electric Board offers a number of programs to help income-eligible customers who are having trouble paying their utility bills. EWEB commits more than $2 million each year to its limited-income programs, or about 1 percent of retail electric revenues. This level of funding is one of the highest in the nation, on a per capita basis, and is part of the value-added services offered by your citizen-owned utility. More than 4,000 households are helped each year.

Below you will find more information about these programs and how to access them.

Customer Care

The Customer Care program (formerly known as Energy Share) provides financial aid for qualifying limited-income customers. Customers-in-need may be eligible to receive up to $200 in bill assistance per year, which is credited directly to their EWEB account.

The Customer Care program is funded by EWEB and its customers, and the City of Eugene. The program is administered under a contract with the Lane County Human Services Division. Assistance is based on household income. To apply for aid, customers first must schedule an appointment by calling one of the numbers listed below:

  • Catholic Community Services of Eugene: (541) 345-3642
  • Catholic Community Services of Springfield: (541) 747-8349 (for customers living in the Springfield/McKenzie area)
  • Campbell Senior Center: (541) 682-5354 (for customers 60 years and older)
Income eligibility guidelines (effective Oct. 1, 2016)
Job loss program

EWEB will provide up to $200 in bill-payment assistance for jobless customers who are receiving unemployment compensation.

Additional community resources for the unemployed

People from all parts of Lane County can now call one number to gain access to emergency fund programs, local food banks, child care, training, and unemployment opportunities after they've lost their jobs.

Simply dial 211 to connect for help.

Visit Lane Workforce Partnership to learn more.

Donate to Customer Care

Since the program was created in 1986, EWEB has urged customers to donate to Customer Care. Although the program is primarily funded through general EWEB revenues, generous customers and others in the community have donated more than $1 million in additional funds during the past 20 years. These donated funds have helped customers pay portions of their bills not eligible for assistance with rate-based revenues. Set up a one-time or recurring donation through our EWEB e-Billing system, or call Customer Service at 541-685-7000 to learn how you can donate today.

Deposit guarantor

Income-eligible customers may also be eligible for the Deposit Guarantor program, which provides assistance for up to half of a customer's account deposit (not to exceed $300). Anyone who is accepted into the Deposit Guarantor program must also participate in EWEB's Customer Care Plus (see information below).

Customer Care Plus

EWEB's Customer Care Plus program is designed to help income-eligible customers save energy and manage their utility bills. Qualifying customers have access to a menu of services including energy conservation education and bill credits.

To apply for EWEB's Customer Care Plus program call the Lane County Human Services Division at (541) 682-3378. There may be a wait list for EWEB's Customer Care Plus program. If you are selected, an Energy Advocate will contact you to determine your eligibility and needs.

Military assistance

EWEB offers special program access for military personnel who are called to active duty. To be eligible, a wage-earning member of the household must be on active duty, or have been on active duty within the past 24 months. Families may receive Customer Care or Customer Care Plus assistance regardless of income. When applying for either program, the customer should identify themselves as an "EWEB Customer Care military assistance applicant."