Current issues and projects

As a public utility, our business is your business. Keep up to date on issues and projects affecting the Eugene Water & Electric Board and its 86,000 electric and water customers.

Modernization and enhanced customer services

Learn about EWEB's modernization program and the enhanced customer service the utility plans to offer.

Current construction and system maintenance projects

See details about current long-term projects that may impact traffic or temporarily disrupt your electric or water service.

Leaburg Dam

EWEB is replacing the motor and gear box that operates the No. 3 roll gate at the Leaburg Dam. This construction project started in June 2016. The work will require the closure of the bridge across the dam on weekdays through the fall. Most closures will run 8 a.m. to noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Water system reliability

EWEB is continuing its campaign to invest in our drinking water distribution system, parts of which date back to the early days of the utility's founding in 1911. EWEB is also pursuing strategies to develop a second source of drinking water, in addition to the McKenzie River, to protect against unplanned service interruptions.

Riverfront property update

What is happening to the portion of EWEB's riverfront property that was vacated when the utility moved half of its staff to the new Roosevelt Operations Center in west Eugene?

Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project relicensing

EWEB is seeking a new federal license to operate its Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project on the upper McKenzie River.

Copper theft dangers

EWEB is working to alert the public to a very disturbing trend – the theft of copper from the electric distribution system for its value as scrap metal.

EWEB 2012 budget reductions

Learn about the budget balancing and business re-planning strategies EWEB used to lessen the impact of future rate increases.