Recreational opportunities

Along with other public agencies, Eugene Water & Electric Board provides a number of recreational opportunities in the McKenzie River Valley. All of EWEB's recreation facilities are connected to our hydroelectric projects in the area.

EWEB does not charge access fees for its recreational facilities; however, the U.S. Forest Service and other public agencies may charge fees for access to campgrounds and other facilities they manage in conjunction with EWEB's facilities.

Leaburg Lake

This 40-acre lake, created with the completion of Leaburg Dam in 1929, offers fishing, boating and picnicking. Visitors also can view salmon as they migrate up fish ladders at the dam. Admission is free.

Directions: Take Highway 126 east from Eugene to Milepost 23.5. Cross the McKenzie at Leaburg Dam to a parking lot.

EWEB Goodpasture Boat Landing

The EWEB Goodpasture Boat Landing is located at mile 25.37 of Highway 126 East, about a half mile upstream from Leaburg Lake. The landing includes 10 paved parking spaces, restroom facilities, interpretive signs, and restored riparian and side channel areas.

Lloyd Knox Park

This park, located along the south shore of Leaburg Lake, has picnic tables, benches along the lake, trails, areas for large groups, volleyball courts, a softball field and horseshoe pits. Large groups can reserve the park, at no charge.

Next to the park is Leaburg Fish Hatchery, managed by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The hatchery raises about 750,000 trout and other game fish annually.

Directions: Take Highway 126 east from Eugene to Milepost 23.5. Cross the McKenzie at Leaburg Dam to a parking lot.


The levees of EWEB's Walterville and Leaburg power canals, which divert McKenzie River water to off-river powerhouses, offer informal hiking opportunities. Each power canal is about 4 miles in length. A trail system offers interpretive displays, overlooks and other amenities for hikers.

The U.S. Forest Service maintains an extensive trail system in the Upper McKenzie River area in the vicinity of EWEB's Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project. The Willamette National Forest web site has extensive information on these trails.

Walterville Pond

Located just east of Walterville along Highway 126, this pond provides fishing, hiking and bird-watching opportunities.

Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project

About 70 miles east of Eugene, EWEB operates the Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric Project. Water is diverted from the McKenzie one-quarter mile below Koosah Falls and runs through powerhouses to produce electricity. Recreational opportunities include:

    Carmen Reservoir: A boat ramp provides access to this 30-acre diversion reservoir. Ice Camp Campground (U.S. Forest Service; 22 campsites) is nearby. Directions: Travel east from Eugene on Highway 126 to just past Milepost 69 (about 17 miles east of McKenzie Bridge). A sign on the left directs you to the reservoir and campground.

    Beaver Marsh: Located below Carmen Reservoir, this marshy area has been preserved as wildlife habitat. A viewing station and interpretive displays offer access to the area.

    Smith Reservoir: This 170 acre reservoir created by Smith Dam features a boat ramp, fishing and boat-access Lake's End Campground (Forest Service; 17 tent-only campsites; boat-access only). Directions: Take Highway 126 east of Eugene to Milepost 62.2, then turn left at the sign. Go about two miles, past Carmen Powerhouse and Trail Bridge Campground, to boat ramp.

    Trail Bridge Reservoir: This 120-acre lake features fishing, access to hiking trails and camping at Trail Bridge Campground (Forest Service; 26 sites). Directions: Take Highway 126 east of Eugene to Milepost 62.2 (about 13 miles from McKenzie Bridge), then turn left at sign. Campground turnoff is past powerhouse.

    Camping, hiking, waterfalls: For information about U.S. Forest Service campgrounds, trails and waterfall viewing spots in the project area, visit the Willamette National Forest web site.

River Edge Plaza

The fountain area along the Willamette River, at EWEB's headquarters building, offers a place to rest while on a bike ride or long walk, or to cool off on a hot summer day. The plaza and fountain are for the public's enjoyment.