Water reliability
Entrance to Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant

The McKenzie River is Eugene's only source of drinking water, treated here at the Hayden Bridge filtration plant.

Why water reliability is important

Eugene residents rely on safe, clean water for drinking, fire protection, showers, cooking and keeping gardens green. Water is also vital to business and industry, and indispensable to the local economy and jobs.

What EWEB is doing

For nearly 100 years, EWEB has reliably served the community with cool, clean, clear water drawn from the mountain-fed McKenzie River. Few community members are aware, however, of the invisible risks.

To address reliability concerns, EWEB is undertaking a Water Reliability Initiative – a comprehensive approach to minimizing the risk of a prolonged water service interruption. It includes maintaining and improving the water system infrastructure, as well as developing alternative sources of drinking water.

EWEB water reliability: Six things you should know

Read more about EWEB's Water Reliability Initiative and what it means to you.

Maintaining and upgrading our water system

EWEB is increasing its investment in the water system, parts of which date back to the early days of the utility's founding in 1911.

Planning for a water emergency

Read about the utility's water emergency response plans, as well as steps you can take to prepare yourself for a water emergency.

Creating regional water supply connections

Learn how EWEB's wholesale water agreements benefit EWEB customers and support the utility's water reliability initiative.

The role of water conservation in water reliability

Discover how efficient water use allows EWEB to postpone costly system expansion and invest in water reliability.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about EWEB's water reliability.

A community conversation

EWEB and its elected Board of Commissioners are committed to providing customer-owners with an opportunity to learn more and provide input on decisions to invest in water reliability. Please email EWEB's Water Reliability Speaker's Bureau if you would like a speaker to make a presentation at your community meeting.

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