Billing and payment information
Start or stop service

Learn how to start or stop your service.

Reading your bill

Terms and features of your billing statement are explained.

Payment options

EWEB offers a range of payment options for your convenience.

Go paperless with EWEB e-Billing

Simplify your life and reduce waste with paperless billing. Sign up for EWEB e-Billing today – it's fast, convenient and secure.

Budget Billing

Learn how to keep the amount of your EWEB bill constant throughout the year to avoid seasonal highs and help with budgeting.

When to pay your bill

Learn more about when to pay your bill.

Where to pay your bill in person

View a list of places where you can pay your bill in person.

Payment inquiries

Find out what to do if you are having trouble paying your bill.

Reading your meter

Learning how to read your meter can help you track usage and control costs.

High bill self-assessment

Follow four steps to help better understand and resolve a high bill concern, and to take action on reducing energy waste and saving money on future bills.

Frequently asked questions about your service

Get answers to frequently asked questions about your service.

Privacy statement

Learn more about EWEB's policy related to customer information.

Terms and conditions

Read the "Terms and Conditions" that govern the use of the website and users' responsibilities.


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