Budget Billing
man and women looking at bills and using a calculator

EWEB's Budget Billing program helps you balance the seasonal highs and lows to make your payments predictable each month. The amount of your EWEB bill remains constant throughout the year, making it easier to budget your household expenses.

How it works

We figure an average payment based on past usage. That average becomes your monthly payment. In order to participate in budget billing you must have at least 12 months of billing history at the address associated with your account.

You'll still know exactly how much water and electricity you're using because your bill will show both your actual usage and your Budget Billing amount.

After 12 months on the plan, we will review your Budget Billing account. If your actual use was more than was predicted by your average, you will receive a "true up" statement that will include charges for actual use. If your actual use was less than was predicted, EWEB will automatically roll your plan over and adjust your average payment.

On an annual basis, EWEB does a "true up" to evaluate Budget Billing accounts and determine whether average payments need adjusting.

EWEB residential customers with a zero balance and a minimum of 12 months of billing history can enroll in the Budget Billing program. There is no cost to participate.

Sign up

The sign-up period for the plan begins after you receive your April bill statement, and continues through the end of June. Call EWEB Customer Services at (541) 685-7000 to enroll for Budget Billing or for more information.