Reading your meter

By learning how to read your meter, you can monitor your consumption to better manage your energy use and electric bill. As you will see, it isn’t difficult to read your electric meter. If you are interested in other helpful tips for keeping energy costs down, call (541) 685-7000 and speak with an Energy Management Services specialist.

Meter Dial Quiz

  • Using the above as an example, read the dials from left to right. Remember that every other dial turns in reverse. When the hand points between two numbers, read the lower number.
  • If the hand is on or very close to a number, look at the dial to its immediate right. If the hand on that dial has passed "0," read the number the hand is pointing to (or close to). If the dial to the immediate right has not yet reached "0," read back to the last number the hand passed. For example, the second dial is read "6," because the dial to its right has passed "0."
  • The above meter reading is: " ____." See the answer
  • By keeping records of the time and date of your readings, you can calculate your usage. Use EWEB's metering reading worksheet